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An in-depth guide to Matt Palmer’s groundbreaking approach to playing fast scales on the guitar.  This proven and effective A-M-I scale method is specifically designed for speed and efficiency.  Includes textual guidelines, figures, exercises, and examples from the standard repertoire. 

82 pages.  Bound.  Standard notation.  Intermediate/Advanced levels.   

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“The Virtuoso Guitarist: Volume 1 A New Approach to Fast Scales essentially answers the burning questions that arise when we see (Matt Palmer’s) dazzling displays of virtuosity.  It is indispensable for any advanced guitarist or teacher to include in their library.”

 - Classical Guitar Review  **read the full review

“This book is a must for the 21st century guitarist, and even though it focuses heavily on classical guitar, it’s a great approach for any finger picking style of guitar.  Matt Palmer receives an A+ rating for his genius and technical approach in The Virtuoso Guitarist: A New Approach to Fast Scales.”     

- Guitar International Magazine  **read the full review

“Matt Palmer has revolutionized the classical guitar world with his unique application of these scales.” 

    - Guitar International Magazine

"Matt Palmer is one of the most impressive guitar players I've come across. He has developed a very personal right-hand guitar technique using a combination of three fingers for four-note patterns. This technique has been worked by other guitarists in the past but Matt Palmer has taken this possibility to an ultimate level and the result is pure music."

    - Sergio Assad, Grammy-award winning composer